Project Description

iThera Medical

iThera Medical GmbH a été fondée en 2010 en tant que spin-off du Helmholtz Center de santé-environnement de Munich (HMGU), dans le but de commercialiser la technologie MSOT et d‘assurer son transfert vers un usage en milieu clinique. iThera est désormais le premier fournisseur de technologie d’optoacoustique médicale.

iThera développe et commercialise des systèmes d’imagerie biomédicale basés sur une nouvelle technologie biophotonique, la tomographie optoacoustique multispectrale (MSOT). iThera Medical détient les droits de licence exclusifs pour l‘ensemble de la propriété intellectuelle accordée sur la technologie MSOT développée par l’Institut d’Imagerie Biologique et Médicale (IBMI) du HMGU.

Depuis 2010, iThera Medical vend avec succès ses dispositifs dans le monde entier sur le marché de l’imagerie de recherche préclinique. iThera Medical dispose d’un réseau de distribution mondial pour ses systèmes précliniques. EUPHORIA est une étape clé devant permettre à iThera d’entrer sur le marché de l’imagerie clinique.

ITM possède à ce jour une équipe hautement expérimentée composée de 34 employés, dont l’expertise couvre tous les aspects de la technologie optoacoustique, tels que la physique des laser et des guides de lumière à fibres optiques, l’électronique des systèmes d’acquisition de données ou la conception de détecteurs à ultrasons, mais porte aussi sur l’électronique, le génie électrique et mécanique.

Dr. Philipp Bell (M) joined the ITM team in 2011 as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) responsible for Finance and Operations. Before joining the Company, Philipp led the Finance and Business Development activities of several high-tech startups in the US besides co-founding 3 companies and serving as advisor for several others. Before his startup activities he was a consultant for McKinsey & Co. Philipp holds an MBA from WHU and a Ph.D. in Business from the Technical University at Aachen in Germany. He will be the appointed project manager for EUPHORIA.

Dr. Patricia Smole (F) joined ITM in March 2018 and works on advanced image improvement algorithms. Patricia holds a PhD in Science and a Master in Physics from the University of Ljubljana and has focused on signal processing, simulations and image analysis also in her previous work as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

Jin He (F) is an experienced project manager for medical devices and has been with ITM since March 2016. Jin is currently focusing on compiling the product file for CE mark of the first clinical MSOT system. Before starting with ITM, Jin worked for ten years for Philips Medical Systems and GE Healthcare in China and Germany in various Verification and Validation roles. Jin holds an MBA from Munich Business School in Germany as well as a Master of Science from the University of Exeter in the UK. Jin will lead the Verification and Validation activities in the EUPHORIA project.

Dr. Nina Dahlhaus (F) joined ITM in April 2015 from McKinsey & Co. and is currently leading Business Development activities at iThera, which includes strategies for clinical studies and reimbursement. During her time at McKinsey she led and executed multiple strategy projects in health care and med tech industries. Nina has a background in biophysics with an MSc from Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, Germany and a PhD from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg where she also gained experience in time-resolved fluorescent imaging, cell biology, surface chemistry, image processing and computer simulations. She will head the commercialization activities and be involved in clinical trial management.

Christian Wiest (M) ITM’s CEO, has substantial experience in general management, specifically related to the High Tech and Healthcare markets. Before co-founding ITM, he spent 4 years with GE Healthcare, where he was responsible for strategy, organizational development as well as project and key account sales of medical equipment in Central Europe. Before joining GE Healthcare in 2006, Christian worked for 7 years at McKinsey & Co. Christian holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Sciences. He will head the exploitation and dissemination activities.