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1410, 2019

EUPHORIA exhibited by iThera at 43. Dreiländertreffen der DEGUM, ÖGUM und SGUM

October 14th, 2019|

EUPHORIA Coordinators iThera Medical GmbH Biomedizinische Bildgebung will exhibit at the 43. Dreiländertreffen der DEGUM, ÖGUM und SGUM in Leipzig, Germany.  The ultrasound meeting runs from October 16th-19th, 2019. There is a dedicated session to IBD (aka CED in German). EUPHORIA brochures will be available at iThera’s booth, F32.

According to this year’s congress motto “Shaping the present and the future with ultrasound”, the focus of the congress will be on practical training in theory and practice as well as in the translation of the latest scientific findings.

See the meeting programme (in German) below or here.

2409, 2019

EUPHORIA PI Dr Ferdinand Knieling takes the 2019 Adalbert Czerny Award

September 24th, 2019|

Dr Ferdinand Knieling from the University Hospital Erlangen was awarded the Adalbert Czerny Award 2019 from the German Society for Pediatrics and Youth Medicine for his work on innovative diagnostic methods. Ferdinand was the first to apply a newly developed multispectral optoacoustic (MSOT) imaging method, which non-invasively provides information about tissue composition, on patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Read the press release from iThera Medical Gmbh here.

2309, 2019

iThera Medical hosts Optoacoustic Imaging Meeting in Essen

September 23rd, 2019|

EUPHORIA partners iThera Medical are hosting a one-day meeting: Optoacoustic Imaging Meeting 2019 at the University Hospital Essen in Germany on November 14, 2019. Enjoy a day of scientific talks on breakthrough research facilitated by iThera’s optoacoustic imaging systems. The meeting will run from 10:30- 17:30 and an evening reception will follow. Registration is free.

View the meeting agenda, speakers’ list and register here.

1707, 2019

EUPHORIA brochure is published

July 17th, 2019|

Why EUPHORIA? What we do? Why we do it? Who is involved and why are they are best for the tasks at hand?

Read all about EUPHORIA here in our newly launched project brochure!

Page 1 of our promotional brochure 

307, 2019

EUPHORIA partners RayFos and iThera hold productive DICOM workshop

July 3rd, 2019|

The EUPHORIA project aims at bringing optoacoustic imaging into the clinics. Early transition to an established data format is key for clinical imaging interconnectivity and therefore part of the transition to a commercial product.

Recently, the project made a big step forward in a two-day workshop that was organised at the iThera Medical premises in Munich.  Participants from Rayfos and iThera Medical, consulted by experts from Softgate defined the DICOM data structure to ensure seamless integration into the clinical workflow. DICOM is the common data standard for medical imaging.

From RayFos, colleagues Vassilis Sarantos and  Nomikos Antoniadis joined the workshop. From iThera Medical, Stefan Morscher, Ingmar Thiemann, Ratko Petrovic, Elena Mercep, and Tobias Bichlmaier participated.

Vassilis Sarantos, Chief Technical Officer at Rayfos commented, “The most important take-aways of the 2-day event were that:

  1. DICOM can fully support the archiving requirements that are needed for the EUPHORIA clinical study and,
  2. The fastest route to share the diagnostic information generated by the Acuity System will be to use the encapsulated PDF format for our reports, which is a format widely supported by all DICOM – PACS systems and viewers.

DICOM compatibility and connectivity is an integral part of every modern imaging system. The workshop set the right basis that will guarantee that the EUPHORIA-developed system will fully integrate and collaborate flawlessly with the existing and future infrastructure used in the diagnosis of IBD and other conditions, where OA imaging may provide superior imaging capabilities in comparison to existing imaging modalities.”

Ingmar Thiemann, Lead […]

1906, 2019

Save the date: iThera hosts Optoacoustic Imaging Meeting, Essen, November 14, 2019

June 19th, 2019|

Mark your calendars! The University Hospital, Essen in Germany is the venue for the 2019 Optoacoustic Imaging (OAI) Meeting 2019 hosted by EUPHORIA coordinator iThera Medical. The meeting consists of scientific talks, an opportunity to learn about new imaging technologies forthcoming from iThera’s pipeline, and time to network.

Date: November 14th, Essen, Germany

Time: 10am – 5pm plus dinner & drinks

Location: University Hospital Essen, Hufelandstraße 55, 45122 Essen

Overall, this meeting will be a great opportunity to learn more about Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) and Raster Scanning Optoacoustic Mesography (RSOM), iThera’s novel imaging technologies. If interested in either hands-on experience with these imaging technologies or a demonstration on either November 14th or 15th, please l and a slot will be booked for you. You can register for the OAI Meeting here.