Project Description


Pintail Ltd (PT) was founded in 2001 by its director, Ciaran Clissmann, as an SME specialising in the management of large international research projects, in science communication and outreach, and in bridging the gap between excellent research and market launch.

We have helped to guide over a dozen FP7 projects to a successful conclusion, and are active in a similar number today. Our portfolio of projects is preponderantly in the life sciences including several clinical trials, but we also have excellent projects in theoretical physics, security, cultural heritage and other domains.

Pintail’s seven employees have extensive experience and expertise in project management and administration, science communication, web and social media, exploitation planning, market analysis, and business planning. Support from Pintail greatly reduces the burden on project coordinators and enables them to focus on scientific and innovation activities, to the benefit of the project.

Ciaran Clissmann is founder and director of Pintail. Before founding the company, Ciaran worked at the European Commission, responsible for a portfolio of projects in internet applications from transport to eHealth. His career also includes software architect, technology transfer and research roles. Ciaran holds an MSc in Computer Science but is increasingly enthused by life sciences and their interface with ICT. Beyond EU and other funded projects, Ciaran is an expert on the construction and management of large academic/industrial collaborations.

Kylie O’Brien is a senior EU projects consultant at Pintail. Kylie’s work includes projects in cancer, physics, public health and behavioural science; across this portfolio, she is responsible for administration, outreach, exploitation planning and other activities. Kylie holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Minnesota; her career includes academic research, industrial R&D and science communications.

Danielle Nicholson is a communications specialist, working across the company’s entire portfolio of projects. Previously, Danielle was the Dissemination Officer at Orbsen Therapeutics Ltd. and a WP leader for the FP7-funded REDDSTAR project. While based at NUI Galway, she was the Outreach Officer at the Regenerative Medicine Institute and a WP leader in the FP7-funded EuroStemCell project. She is an experienced, highly qualified educator and science communicator.