Project Description


IMA (Voray, France) is a European leader in ultrasonic technologies and transducers solutions. IMA has over ten years’ experience in the design and manufacture of transducers for optoacoustic imaging, with custom arrays in a variety of configurations.

IMA’s main markets are medical fields of diagnostics and medical therapy, as well as Non-Destructive Testing of materials (NDT).

IMA is an independent and private company, ISO 9001 certified, and today has more than 100 employees.

Mikaël Wilm PhD is a transducer design engineer at IMASONIC. He obtained his PhD in Sciences for Engineer in the field of ultrasound probes for medical imaging and non-destructive testing in 2004. He has worked on the modelling of ultrasonic imaging arrays, based on piezocomposites or CMUTs (capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers). At Imasonic he is involved in the development of innovative ultrasonic transducers. He has experience in the specific electro-acoustic behaviour of massively periodic structures and in the modelling of ultrasound probes by several methods, including finite elements.

Rémi Berriet PhD is Research Engineer at Imasonic since 1996. His background is in Mechanical Engineering. He has a 20-year experience of R&D collaborative projects. His main interest is in the design and characterisation of piezocomposite transducers for various medical and industrial applications, especially in the domain of high intensity focused ultrasound.

Bruno Klinguer is Project Manager at IMASONIC. His background is in Applied Mathematics. He is involved in the development of innovative ultrasonic transducers for medical and industrial fields.

Frédéric Brochin PhD is R&D Project Manager at IMASONIC. His background is in Physics and he received his PhD degree in Materials Science in 2000. He is in charge at IMASONIC with European and national research projects and has been working on piezoelectric and passive materials and transducers structures.

Gérard Fleury is the General Manager of IMASONIC. His background is in acoustics. He is a specialist of ultrasound transducers and their applications in medical and industrial environments. He has more than 35 years of experience in this domain, including the creation of two companies exploiting piezocomposite technologies for the production of innovative transducers.